Sunday, April 6, 2008

But Mom, I'm deaf!!!!

This weekend I was reminded of something I use to say to my mom when I was growing up. But mom, I'm deaf! I can't do it, I don't know how. But mom, I can't hear!

This pass weekend I had the joy of watching my daughter dance at dance competition in Nashville. There is nothing better than watching your child do something with so much effort and determination. Then over to the side during awards, I heard two parents talking. Each were making reasons why their child did not "win" within their category. One reason was the dance teacher had not "helped" her child and the other was her child being tired. WHY.....I had to bit my tongue. Stop doing that! Accept the outcome without blaming others.!

My mom's comment back to me was, Val stop it! Do what you can, study what you can, learn what you can, ask questions, ask for help, and finally just do it. Who said it would be easy. The important things in life are not easy, but worth it. If you don't believe in yourself, who will! And most importantly, who should if you don't.

So finally after awards on Saturday, They won two gold awards. I looked at my child with those big brown eyes and said Jenna, I'm proud of you! She said back to me, mom this was the best day. I got to dance!

Stop blaming others, start accepting responsibility and finally if you fall along the way, ask for help to get back up.


Candy said...

You're lucky to have a mom that do not let you think that way. Many deaf from hearing parents have experience the opposites.

Val said...

Smart Mom, both you and your Mommy...big hug!

Abbie said...

That was my dad. He was a persistent pain in the rear end with me. If it wasn't for that push, I might not have the drive that I have today. I was coming home from Virginia tonight and she said, "I always knew you were going to be something because you had the determination to get something done no matter what the consequences."

I wish people would assume responsibility for their own actions and speak out when they want something. No one else is going to do it for you!

Tiffani said...

We all have to learn to acknowledge our mistakes and move on. We all also need to learn to accept praise for good things we do, too. So, Valerie, here's a little praise for you:

I love your blog! It's hopeful and entertaining and informative and compassionate. Keep it up! :-)

Misha said...

I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT! I'm a mom of a gorgeous little 7 year old who has bilateral CIs. Thanks for your humor and wit on the subjet. It made me smile!

David said...

My mother, like yours was a huge influence in my life, and someone I credit with my success in business.
She always said to me that life is a ladder you climb if you want to succeed, not a bed you lie in.
Nice post