Friday, April 18, 2008

What I learned this past week?

Done.....finally done.....oh that is TCAP testing

Here is a little question for you. The answer will be at the end of the blog. Remember you can not take too long to answer and do not use a calculator. You can use scrap paper.

Math Question TCAP test has four parts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. Each part has two sub test. The mean time for the test is 54 minutes. My class has extended time, which means 1.5 of the test time. We take each 2 sub test a day. There are two groups of students taking this test, a morning and afternoon group. Each group has the same accommodations. What is the told time, I spend reading the test aloud per day? How long the whole week?

Science Question
What moon phase do you not test any children during?
A. Waxing Crescent
B. Full Moon
C. First Quarter
D. Any Moon

Social Studies Question
Who Am I?
I created a law that holds schools accountable for academic progress of students.
I think state testing is the only way to measure if the schools are doing their job.
If schools do not "pass" testing, I will take money away from them and I will not support them.
I am the reason thousands of teachers have been pulling out their hair.
Who am I?

Reading Question
Read the top 10 list and find all the mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

This is what I have learned this week:
10. Chocolate is the best to jump start the brain.
9. McDonald's has the best sweet tea. Just wish they added an extra shot of caffeine.
8. When you are ready to start the test, someone will have to go to the restroom.
7. All pencils will break, always have backups.
5. Students really want to do their best, it is very stressful for them. Keep humor and hugs available.
4. M&M's are good, the green taste the best. Boys hate the pink ones, but will eat them too!
3. I paid 8 dollars to help the Boy Scouts go to camp. I was able to dress in jeans all week. Thank goodness for comfort.
2. Whatever you do, do not drink anything near a test.
1. Number one thing I learned from testing........It will never tell me what my students truly know. It will never tell me what I know and how I teach.
1/2 it's done......

Jenna and I are off to Georgia for dance competition and visit with my mom and dad. I am going to enjoy it.

1. too long
2. Any moon
3. Like you don't know
4. too many to count....


David said...

You are an amazing woman! Enjoy the dance comp. I have never had a sweet tea from McDonald's. Is it hot tea or cold tea? Ice Tea is rare as hens teeth in this country.
Great post.
I flunked your test I think

Tales from the CI Gal said...

Cold Tea, It is mostly a southern thing. I love it with lemon. You have to add a lot of ice. Yummy....need some to go with BBQ

Abbie said...

LOL! Val, you had to go through that? :)

Grendel said...

Ohhh, I know, I know -- those tests upon tests: my husband is a public high school English and drama teacher. Apparently nobody involved in #3 gives hoot about the arts anymore :), so he's in the clear on the drama part.

I hope you have gotten (and still getting) much deserved R&R this weekend!!

Li-Li's Mom said...

oops, sorry - schizophrenic posting again - Grendel is me. (Beth)

Cyborg Queen said...

LOL! Gotta love these. :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I am still laughing I needed that this morning. I hadn't seen that one yet. I feel the same way.

David said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful comment you left on my post today. thank you from my heart! I am touched and do feel as if I have found a kindred spirit when I read your blog.
You are an amazing lady

Tales from the CI Gal said...

Thank you all. I did rest some, I have company with my in-laws in visiting. We are having a great time and enjoying Jenna.

I am missing my blogging.