Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a long 2 weeks!!!

This has been one of the busy weeks since state testing(TCAP) starts on Monday. Here are some highlights of my two weeks.
*Broke up two fights, two girls and two boys. Girls are the worst since their arms and hands are everywhere. Boys are strong and hard to separate. I worry about damaging my processors. So I had to be careful.
* Jenna's dance competition in Nashville last weekend. Both dances won Gold. They also won the spirit award.
* I was up until midnight last Friday making my "spirit shirt." It said C.I. love the Dance Force. Only I understood what it meant.
*5 IEP meetings in two weeks and 2 left to do. No chance that 6 IEP meetings. It takes a good hour and half to complete the paperwork on each. I still have two to write or is that right.
*My students have forgotten everything since August 8, 2007. Worst I have forgotten too. If I hear the words mean, median, and mode or figurative language, I will scream!
*Run through - Principal lost her e-mail, Alex wants a new cell phone, Jenna wants a cell phone, can't see utube video for princiapl on school computer, can't copy it, and finally the dog is crazy!
* I heard the words I hate! You speak so good, I can't believe your deaf. My comment back was if I spoke so good, then you would never know I was deaf! I'm tired of that ignorance. Teachers should know better.
*A group of students said on Friday after the fight in the classroom, Mrs. D., I'm glad you broke up the fight and your okay. I don't want you to get hurt. So I guess there really are good kids, been so busy I forgot.

I am working on my blog on IEPs, it seems long and I want to see if I can make it shorter and more interesting.

I'm off to get my hair cut and out for BBQ with the gals. And NO Jenna and Alex have not gotten a new cell phone, I'm not listening to them.


Jim said...

Wow.. you are a busy woman and everyone around you are keeping you busy.

Enjoy the weekend though.


David said...

Only if you want to do it...I tagged you..for a silly list.

Abbie said...

My golly Val! Thank god you are okay with all them fights but a bionic woman broke them up! :) I would be very nervous about trying to break up a fight.

I might have to get you a hockey helmet now and I think i'm going to ship you up some wine and cheese with a blessing that the next couple of weeks go smoothly :)

Love ya gerlie!