Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I love CI Children's Blogs?

The reason why I love to read CI children's blogs are it gives me a glimmer into what my mom had to go through with me. Thirty-six years ago mom did not have the support system or Internet that is in place today. I went through school without an IEP, FM system, CART, Interpreter, or note taker. I had only one year of speech therapy. But I had Mom and Dad!

I admire the hard choices parents make for their children. I wish it was available 36 years ago.

I was asked about educational practices. My teaching does not pull from one philosophy or teaching. I take some from each. One practice I use daily in my classroom is Dale's Cone of Experience(went to school in the 90's, during Whole Language movement). In theory or in a nutshell, the more the student involve in the teaching and learning process, the more they remember and understand.

I use others like Rigor and Relevance, Best Practices, and others. Teaching has changed so much in the 14+ years I have been teaching. Everything I do is based on research and data. Progress monitoring and common assessments are the norm. I loved teaching when it was just teaching. Now I understand teaching. Teaching is not just for giving out the skills, it enables the student to build on prior knowledge and develop into a lifetime of knowledge. That in a nutshell is my classroom. Hey it's 4:40 A.M. and state testing week, I'm whipped!


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Valerie,
I tagged you at my blog!

Li-Li's Mom said...

Hi Valerie, even with great teachers, so much of what our little ones learn happens at home, as well -- as it did for you -- and even if we're not professional educators (I'm not, my husband is!), I think that we parents need to do our homework and become familiar with a variety of teaching practices, and I'm a big fan of fostering immersion (or experience) rather than simply bombarding wee ones with information and hoping some of it sticks.

I love your blog, not just for your insightful commentary :) , but also because you frequently sprinkle in real-life applications of teaching theory in a way that I can replicate.

Speaking of learning theories and practice, I highly recommend a book I've just started reading, by neuroscientist / early child development professor (at Tufts) Maryanne Wolf titled Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain. It seems to be emphasizing that critical same importance of building on prior knowledge that you mention, focusing on 3 principles: the capacity to make new connections among older structures; the capacity to form areas of exquisitely precise specialization for recognizing patterns in information, and the ability to learn to recruit and connect information from these areas automatically.

Well, maybe not something to start on until you get in a good weekend of recuperative sleep after testing is done ...

Jim said...

Education comes from many difference sources and senses. I haves seen similar.

Thanks for sharing.


Abbie said...

I never knew that there was different formulas for teaching. I was always a hand on gal myself :)

Cyborg Queen said...

It's funny that you talked about the support system. Sometimes kids these days do not appreciate what was given to them. I think NOT having that much support system made me a better person in whole. ADA Law was not in effect when I was a kid (well, until I was 13), CC came in a decoder box which I got when I was 13. I can't believe that I waited that long to get a CC Box. Internet was not available back then. These days, everything is handed to deaf kids on a silver platter.

Val said...

Did you catch my reply to you on Jodi's blog about the cup? Couldn't find your email address so had to respond here...go check it out then I left you one more on my blog! haha.

Tales from the CI Gal said...


Love it thanks for the tag. I did answer my tagging questions. Enjoy I love you blog.


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