Monday, March 31, 2008

Kindergarten way...

Finally back to good Tennessee after a week vacation to moms. Glad to be back.

Before I left, my wonderful niece Paisley(named after Brad Paisley), called me and asked if I would teach her class sign language. How do you say no, I don't know enough.....I said yes, of course.

So I went to Pay's kindergarten class armored with my ASL book and an ABC book to teach with. I explained why people use ASL and why I am learning. I showed them my speech processor and cochlear implant. Then I read the ABC book and taught the ABC's. We sang happy birthday in sign language. Then we learned feelings, parents, and food names. The kids were so excited. I mean they ate up each sign and could not wait for more. I wished I was more fluent. I guess by the time Pay is in Middle School, I should have it down pack.

The highest complaint was when the children went to lunch and they were trying to sign to each other. I heard one girl say, signing takes the place of your voice. Let's practice. Another one said, I can't wait to get a book at the library. I want to learn more. I was so happy just to see the smile on my niece and my daughter's face.

Jenna and I had a wonderful trip. I can't wait to go back next month. I had a CI moment at mom's. I was in another room and mom made tea. She called Valerie come get tea. Oh course, I heard her the first time, but I was interested reading my blogs(Micheal's blog). She called again and said, Valerie you can't pretend you don't hear me anymore, I know you heard me. I laughed that mom knew I heard her. So I went to drink my tea and laugh.

So now we are home and trying to get going this week. I plan to post a blog on IEPs. I want to address the foundations of it. I also plan to post a blog on rigor and relevance and data in relationship to education philosophies.


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Abbie said...

I'm so glad your back and you had a wonderful time! It was a great thing you did teaching the kindergarten kids some signs. It all starts there. :)

You look beautiful and Jenna looks like a little diva...:)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

How wonderful that you shared those signs with the children. Your story brightened my day. *smiles*

Deb Ann said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! I agree with Sarah that it brightened my day and you brought a smile to my face too! :)

Anne Marie said...

It is heartwarming. My Hoh son 8 yrs old gives 10 min mini ASL lesson every week to his class. His mainstreaming program (proud to name, Monrach K-8 in Louisville, Colorado) has an an excellent attitude toward ASL and Deaf people. The teacher of Deaf and Hoh kept on searching everything about ASL she can find to bring to school. Now they have someone from Support Reading Program (signing to families from books) come to school every Friday morning for story time.

I can keep on blabbing on. : ) I look forward to seeing more messages from you.

Tiffani said...

I bet those kiddos loved that! My daughter's mainstream kindy class performed 4 songs at a PTA meeting, one with signing. It was so cool. It's on my blog, too.

Oh, and very funny about your mom.

Thanks for leaving me a comment on the softball game. :-)

David said...

your work will be rewarded

Jim said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog about my daughter's dancing. Its nice to know other parents out there who has kids who loves to dance.

I am looking forward to read more of you blogs. I see Abbie is one of your loyal lurker. :)


CC said...

So cool! One of the K teachers in my school and myself teach our students a lot of basic ASL. It's pretty fun. I'm enjoying reading your blog, from one special educator to another!

Anonymous said...

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