Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brought to Tears

As I lay awake at 3:00 A.M. to reflect on the passing of the last day, I am still moved to tears. I came to a realization three things. One, I am so blessed with a fantastic family everything from a mother who taught me how to speak to the husband who accepts every step of my hearing loss to the daughter who just loves me for me. Second, I have the incredable work(school) family and friends and even wonderful dance family. They really look at me for me. These are the people who brought me itune cards when after I had my surgery, held my hand as my dizziness affected my walking down the hallway, drove me around for 3 weeks, and supplied pudding for my recovery. Lastly, I finally meet a group of people I have been either chatting, blogging, networking, or facebooking for the last 2 years. I walked in a room and was in awe of the fact that there stood people wearing cochlear implants, just like me. I found an amazing group and an amazing company.

I came home after the Advanced Bionics get together to a jumping jelly bean of a 10 year old girl. She asked did I meet Miss. Abbie, Misiss. Jen and see Ms. Laurie(remember we are in the south, we address adults with Miss.) She was over the moon for every detail. Alex and Jenna wanted to know everything that was said and done. Jenna who is normally not this hype unless she has Lasester or Starbuck, was just so happy. Finally it hit me at 3:00 A.M., these wonderful people are just like her mom. We may have different hair, different heights, different avenues in life, but to Jenna we are a group of people like mom, deaf with cochlear implants. I never realized she also needs this connection with CI users too.

As I talked to my family(and Vanessa) about this moving experience, I was brought to tears. I realized that not only has my hearing journey effected my life, but the lives of Jenna, Alex, and the wonderful people I call true friends.As I was moved to tears last night, I looked up to Alex and Jenna also crying. Then I realized this hearing journey is not just me, but the wonderful people in our lives that we share it with. As I tear up now writing this I can't wait to take Jenna to visit the exhibit hall. I want to take as many pictures of everything to Jenna and I this is our Disney World trip. I trip of a lifetime. Thank you all for sharing this Hearing Journey with me.