Sunday, March 8, 2009

CI batteries, recession, and deaf moments!

I ponder why have I dropped off the bloggingsphere. I wonder why. The only reason I can think of is the state of the world events. Anyone who knows me, knows two things about me: I am very emotional about anything and everything and I am a big history geek. I live for historical events: elections, news, historical facts. I spend my free time researching Presidents. I only have two more classes to get my B.S. degree in history. My lifetime goal beside being a chef is to work as a Presidential historian. Okay you get the point! The state of the world is very depressing. This recession, which by the way has been in place for at least the last 14 months, breaks my heart to watch my cherished daily news. Everyday it is another layoff, a bank failing, or stimulus. I find myself feeling the pain of others and doing what I can to also keep my family from any experience. So in the end I have to turn off the news, back away from the Internet, and pray for the leaders of the world. (Just a side fact that President Roosevelt did not solve the Great Depression in his first term in office. He was re-elected because people trusted him. The Great Depression was not completely ended until after the end of World War II, so 1929 stock market crash until 1945 the end of World War II. )

Now on to what has been happening with me.

Yesterday, Vanessa and I were at the Dollar General Market shopping, looking and just talking. The lady in front of me had the usual food items, the hot dogs, toilet paper, and can food. She also had $30.00 in her hand. I picked up her telling the cashier to stop when she got close to $30.00. The disadvantage to not being able to hear it all, I did not know if that is all the money she had or if she forgot her checkbook or money. I struggled to hear, but was not able to make it out. I was too embrassed to ask Vanessa. The only thing I will ever remember is my lack of doing anything. Since I worried if I heard it wrong, should I have asked if she needed money? Should I have volunteered to help her? One of the disadvantages of not hearing is I tend to not seek out. How do I deal differently next time?

The dancing Queen:

My wonderful daughter dances. Not just dances, but competition dances. This requires long hours at the studio. Since I live on the other side of town, if I don't go to the YMCA then I stay at dance and just wait. I have fallen on this Twilight wagon. I wanted to read the first novel quickly and of course dance is so noisy. The noise reminds me of a rock concert. Can't concentrate, can't read, no problem, just take off my magnets and enjoy the quiet. The dance teacher, Carmen, said she needs my CIs. Sorry my secret weapon against noisy times.


I am getting ready to order my first set of Advanced Bionic batteries. I must say it has been fantastic not having to buy batteries weekly. It did remind me of growing up with hearing aids. My family was poor, real poor. My mom would not eat dinner so the children had food. I never knew what the "good" cookies or cereal tasted like until I was an adult. For some reason even if we did not have food, I always had batteries for my hearing aids. Mom said it was more important then her dinner. And you know what, that is something I will never forget! The country maybe in a recession, people losing jobs, families struggling, but let's not forget the important lesson in life, cherish your family the material items don't matter, they can't support you or hug you or even comfort you. So hug your family!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

writer's block

I am experiencing some block. I have a lot of ideas swimming in my head. I hope to get the sharks out and write more. I have so many ideas, CI moments and fun times going on, but mostly my life is just about less stress and more normal. See ya later.