Sunday, July 27, 2008

What If??

As I am pondering life's meaning, I wondered what if!!!

What if there were newborn hearing test in 1968 like today?
Maybe the doctors would have spotted my hearing loss and been fitted with hearing aids earlier.

What if the doctor treated my strep throat and it did not develop into rheumatic fever?
Maybe my hearing loss would not have gotten worst and my body wouldn't have the effects of rheumatic fever 30+ years later.

What if I were one of the 1 out of 4 children serviced under IDEA of 1974?
What if my mom's hunt for appropriate education for me was met with understanding teachers and administrations?
Maybe I would not have sat in the last row, last seat. Maybe when my 3rd grade teacher was teaching reading, I wasn't just educating myself. Maybe when all others were learning how to pronounce ed-u-ca-tion, I was just trying to read their lips. Maybe I would have gotten the foundation instead of cracks! Maybe I would have learned ASL or Cued Speech or SEE or AVT.

What if I had good medical insurance coverage growing up?
Then maybe I would have been able to get the hearing aids I needed instead of lying to my mom. Telling her I hear okay, because as a single mom raising 3 girls other expenses came first. Maybe should won't have had to work 2 jobs and save 3 years to buy my first hearing aids.

What if technology of today was available to my parents back in 1968?
Maybe I could have bypassed all this with a cochlear implant. Maybe if my parents had the access to cochlear implants and AVT training, I would have bypassed some of the events in my life that added shame, even today. What if????
Update - My dad is back into the hospital. He went into a diabetic coma and his heart stopped. They revived him and he is in ICU. He is still jaundice and his liver is failing. But dad is strong and if anyone can overcome it is my Vietnam Veteran loves his grand babies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary to My CIs!

This is a quick posting, I am down in the deep south visiting my parents. My dad(Poppi) has been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks. They sent him home on Friday, but he is so jaundice and his live is failing that his toes are yellow. As I watch my biggest supporter slip away, I am reminded that it has been one year since I had bilateral cochlear implants.

As I watch my dad become the shadow of himself, he reminds me to enjoy my life. He came into my life at the age of 18. No one has ever loved my mother the way he has. There love is a real love story. So thank you dad for showing that the best dads are not always the first ones. Most importantly thank you dad for accepting my deafness and me without question. Love you Poppi get well.

Now onto the cochlear implants, it has gone beyond my expectations. Thank you Dr. Ladabie, Susan, Vanderbilt, and Advanced Bionics for this overwhelming second half of my life. I really feel so complete. I get to hear my daughter talk and keep doing my wonderful career. I wish I would have done it 20 years ago. With tears in my eyes, as I think of the past year, a rebirth.

As I watch one life slip away, it is important to make each day count. Tell your family and friends you love them, show them, make those changes, it can be too late. Do let life slip past without living it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

10 blogs I missed when offline

What a crazy move! We finally find our dream house, the one you spend your life wishing for. AND it takes 10 days to get cable and Internet!!!! Our family is tech crazy. We have our cable, wireless router, itouch and use the Internet day and night. We dream in 0 and 1's. I mean what is left.....we talked. Surprising it was wonderful, we unpacked, played music too loud(no neighbors), talked and giggled. Well finally back online!!

I missed so much when being off line. Thank goodness Abbie kept me informed. There are ten sites I can't live without!

10. The first site I visit everyday is the comic For Better or Worse. I live for Elizabeth the teacher, Mike the writer, and April the teenager. I get my daily dose without having to get the newspaper.

9. I am a news junkie. I want to know the latest up to the minute news and weather. My favorite is CNN and Wkrn weather for Nashville weather. I carry an umbrella in my pocketbook in case of rain. I do try to check out the site to plan my day!
8. I went crazy without my e-mail. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how my mail I missed. Since we changed our provider I have to try and save my old e-mail as well. I can't live without my e-mail.

7. Lately blogs have been my life. I love to read the magical words of others. I find it peaceful to know others with cochlear implants and deafness have the same experiences I do. It is a kinship. Our community that accepts us because we are who we are - CI, hard of hearing, deaf, Deaf, ASL, oral, parents, child and just us. My site I use to keep inform of all my favorite blogs is DeafVillage.

6. I admit it, I love gossip. I love celebrity gossip more! Give me my Perez Hilton and TMZ! It took hours to read 10 days of gossip. I am finally up on the birth, DUI arrest, and who is dating who. I'm a junkie, I know. Did you know Madonna is getting divorce???

5. To know me is to understand from August to January(allstars in February) I am a football junkie. I watch NFL network, I know all the players on Tennessee Titan. I can quote stats. I really understand the game! I live for football!!! Tennessee is my team!! Keith Bullock is my player. Love defensive lineman!!! I also keep up on Foxsports, NBCsports, CBSsportline, and NFL online. I am one serious fan!

4. My CIs have brought me to a place I never knew was around. I am finding all kinds of places to learn and explore. I love to read(can't comment since I have explorer and have to download firefox), hearing journey. It is a wonderful place for shared experiences. This site does not pass judgement, but allows for experiences and questions.

3. There are several blogs that I just can't live without. I need my daily dose of humor, laughs, and tears. David at Living in Cone Silence and Abbie at Bionic Women. I also love my Tennessee gals, Laurie at Dance with Sound and Jennifer at Surround Sound. Us Tennessee gals stick together. Also need some Italian spicy views with Jodi at American Mom.

2. I like to visit information blogs as well. I check in on Let Them Hear Foundation. They provide such a valuable resource. Hearing Exchange is amazing for ideas and information. The more you look the more you find.

1. My number 1 favorite site that I had to do without for 10 long whole days is yahoo messenger. Oh, my what a long wait to chat with my buddies. I need to add to my buddy list.

So now that I am online.......I need hours no make it days to catch up!!!! See you later.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am going crazy!

Been a long time, wow how time goes so quickly. I am going crazy! Quick break down - vacation, no Internet, no closed caption, moved to new home, no Internet until the 7th of July, no cable until the 9th of July, I do have closed caption, but no food network! So say a nice prayer that I don't have a breakdown!!!!!

Jenna said hello everyone. She placed 3rd and 1st at nationals for her dance!!

My wow CI moment! We were unloading the van and my hubby handed my two boxes of CI harmony boxes. He said that my CIs were more important than anything, even the house. He really appreciates what it has given me. I am so excited that he appreciates how special they are to me.  

Laurie, I can't wait to post our pictures. love ya. It was the highlight of my vacation finally meeting you. Jen, I also have our pictures. Love ya too. Abbie your next!