Sunday, May 31, 2009

the top 3 CI embarrassing moments

Now that I have enjoyed this fantastic technology for almost 2 years, It is time to reflect on the 3 most embarrassing moments. Not the gosh moments, the oh my goodness how did that happen moment. The I want to hid under the rock moment. I have had so many interesting moment, that I wanted to just point out my 3 top aha moments.

Number 3. Watch your ears when opening up the garage door.
When my dad died, I went home to attend the funeral. The ever so helpful daughter decided to open the garage door for mom, see my younger sister, Heather, damaged the door with her Georgia driving. Needless to say the automatic door opener does not work. Someone has to lift the door open each time. Since of course I am the wonderful daughter I am, I said I would lift it after we got back from the funeral. Oh my I forgot, the door is metal, my ears have magnets, the two don't mix. I got my head too close to the door and bam, no double bam, both cochlear implants attached themselves to the door. At that time, I received my Hercules strength and whipped up the door, CIs attached. My mom and sisters ran out of the car to assist in bringing that door down. All I could think of what would dad do? I'm sure he would have laughed so loud, just like we did as two perfectly attached implants hanging from the door. Needless to say, I am never asked to handle the garage door again......So rule number 1, stay away from garage doors.

Number 2. Don't get too close to the door moment
As a teacher, I get called to the office daily. One such visit, I decided to make sure no one was in Jane's office. I peeked inside the door, just a peek. Little did I remember, the doors have a metal frame around them. I ever so magnet happy right implant left my head and attached itself to the door. Just then I heard come in. I'm trying with all my strength to grab that implant off the frame. It seems my right implant just loved that door. So very embarrassed, I pulled that loving door implant off the wall and marched in. So since then I am reminded of this every time I enter the office - don't get too close to the door, you might lose a CI. So rule number 2, don't get too close to metal doors.

Number 1 - top 1 - Don't change the battery while driving the interstate at top speeds.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.......if my CIs goes dead, I want to change the battery at first notice. I don't care if in the middle of teaching class, walking the hallways, storms, or even driving. I have gotten good at doing it really good until driving back from Vanderbilt on day. I took off old stick to the door right implant to change its battery. Now the right one has an attitude, it likes all the attention. So I whipped it off to change the battery. I slide off the dead AB battery. I did this elbow driving to unzip my battery case and pull out the battery. I got it out ready to enter the hearing world again, when old right just fell to the floor. Oh course I panicked as it lay on the floorboard right by my gas petal. I tried to kick it to me, would not move. I tried to reach down, oh course I'm too short to feel for it. I did everything except the one thing I should have done, pull over and get it. So after around 5 miles, common sense kicked in, pull over get the implant and get home. I feel so intelligent, finally. So rule number 1, don't change the batteries in the car if driving.

Oh forgot this wonderful event, We had storms in April and May. I'm not sure when this happen, I think the first week of May. If any bad weather approaches Clarksville, my principal makes all children and teachers come into the building. Of course I forgot my pocketbook. With a tornado warning, I just wanted to be out of the portable. I did remember my blackberry :). Both batteries died. I sat in silences for over an hour. As soon as the warning went to a watch, my assistant called the office to ask if I could go back out to the portable to get my batteries. My principal was yelling in the phone, NO WAY, she better not go out to the portable. So Final rule - Always grab batteries to carry at all time.