Thursday, January 31, 2008

My daughter's view of mom's CIs.

From the mouth of my child.

I asked my wonderful and talented daughter to write a posting for today blog. She said, mom what do I write. I told her to choose. Let me prepare you that my smart, silly daughter has a mind of her own. She decided to make it a question and answer posting.

Topic: What is it like to have a mom who has Cochlear Implants?

Mom: What do you think is the biggest change in your mom since she got Cochlear Implants?

Jenna: She can hear me when I tell her important things. I don't have to give her back massueges because she does not get migraines anymore.

Mom: What new things can you and your mom do now?

Jenna: Listen to music together and watch more television together. She can hear the drive thru window, so I don't have to repeat what they say.

Mom: Do you get embrassed by the looks of the implant?

Jenna: No, it does not even matter. I can't even see them.

Mom: How has the implants gotten your dad in trouble?

Jenna: Mom can hear the silly things he said. Like when dad said mommy can hear a heartbeat from a frog in Africa. He also makes silly comments all the time.

Mom: What is the bad thing about mom's cochlear implants?

Jenna: When you take them off you can't hear me. Sometimes you get a headache.

Mom: What do you think of mom singing and listening to the ipod all the time?

Jenna: It is silly. My mom will never win on American Idol.

Mom: What would you do if you had cochlear implants?

Jenna: The same things!

Mom: Thank you Jenna for this wonderful interview.

Jenna: Thank you mom, cochlear implants can be good or bad, it is your choice.

So that is what my daughter thinks of my implants. To her it is no big deal, just part of me. I am very proud to have a daughter that loves me for me and ditto on my side.

**Side note - I found my audiogram from post activitation. I will post it so others can see the type of change it has made for me. I am looking for a t-shirt for Jenna on cochlear implant awareness. She wants one to that said "My mom wears Cochlear Implants!" **

Jenna is the one in the hat, that is my fantastic niece Paisley in pink.


Deb Ann said...

Sweet post~

Anonymous said...

Very nice and tender.....


Abbie said...

Val, this is great! It is so wonderful to see that your daughter can discriminate a difference before and after your implants..

Debbie/Steve said...

Knowing your daughter is very happy for her Bionic ears Mom.


heather :] said...

What was causing the migranes?

Your girl's sweet!

Yana said...

So cute!

CIs do indeed bring much happiness to a family. :)

Tales from the CI Gal said...

my migraine were caused by the fact that I had to use a hearing aid and there was not many hair in my cochlear. It was damaged and putting stress on hearing. I really pushed myself to hear when I could not.