Sunday, January 20, 2008

A CI break!

After almost 6 months of Cochlear Implants, I decided to give myself a CI break today. A do not put on, do not use, do not look at, do not view break today. So how was my day?

Quiet, peaceful, lonely, and a headache

I usually get up in the morning and put on my cochlear implants, so I can listen to my ipod. With the break today, no music. I usually get to sit down with my husband and enjoy a quiet conversation over breakfast. It was quiet, I had to lipread which gave me a headache. I usually sit and play games with Jenna and just talk about our week. I got too frustrated with her to try because of all the activity with the dog and mess in her room, plus I still had a headache. On Sunday it is football time. I love to watch any game any team(if Tennessee is not playing). I can follow along without the caption. Today, I had to depend on the caption and missed the field noise. I walked away from the game. Sunday is the reward day at our house, so Jenna and I usually go out for ice cream or a treat. Today we went to Dairy Queen. I could not go through the drive through. We went inside and I had to depend on Jenna. I must have scared the cashier, I was confused with what was going on with there. Plus I still had a headache. What did I learn today.

1. I only get headaches when I don't wear my cochlear implants.

2. Everyone needs a day off, even me from my implants.

3. I enjoy sound. I like the noise. It is not just the conversation, but the background noise. The dryer going off, the timer in the kitchen. Just noise.

4. I missed the music.

5. My life has changed so much in 6 months. I forgot how I spent 36 years like this. I hope each day is better and better.

I still did not put in my CIs today. I learned so much from this and maybe in 6 more months I will do it again.

A little background info. I have had horrible migraines for most of my life. Before CI surgery I was taking neurotin 300mg 2 times and day and 600mg at night. I also took maxalt for the migraines and naproxen 2 times a day. Since surgery I have been taken off my meds completely. I have not had a "real" migraine since July 19th, 2007. The headache today is the closest I have had to a migraine. My doctor and I believe my hearing loss and hearing aid wearing caused my migraines. CIs do not.
**That is my wonderful daughter in the picture.**


Deaf dating said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Your daughter is lovely.

Deb Ann said...


I agree with deaf dating that your daughter is lovely and thanks for sharing your experience when you have a CI break.

Paula said...

Hi Valerie,

What an interesting post! Like you, I give myself CI breaks, but they're daily for a few minutes each morning. I only put on one CI and leave the other one off for a bit. Once I shower and get dressed I put both on and I'm ready to start my day hearing and listening and all that goes with it. I feel bewildered when I don't have my "ears" on.

I've also suffered from migraines, typically once or twice a year. There's no relation to the hearing aids or cochlear implant processors though as I still get them. I'm glad yours seem to have gone away. :)

Love the "reward day" idea. Will have to try that!

whiteghost said...

I love the silence ! ITS SO PEACEFUL. SORRY

Val said...

ineresting, and it's nice that you stuck to it. YOu have willpower! I can see where reg. hearing aids that are aplified so highly can give a person a headache. My little boy's would give constant feedback too since he never could get a proper fit(malformed ears). Thanks for sharing.
oh, and of course she's a doll!

Abbie said...

I haven't gone a whole day without my CI's on, I sometime wait until the afternoon to put them on so I can focus on work if I am home.

I'm proud of you :) This is a good example of thinking out of the box :)

Jennifer said...

I did that a LOT before I had my second implant...I spent days with nothing at all. I love the new one so much, though, that I rarely go without it for long. I usually ease into my day slowly and quietly and put the CI on on the way out the door :)
Miss Jenna is GORGEOUS!!