Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I Wear CIs - Val's top ten

Why I get up each morning and wear my Cochlear Implants.

10. I have to have something to stick to the magnets, or else I stick to the metal doors at school.
9.  So I can listen to "Everyone What to Rule the World" for 200 times, and not one can stop me. Except my singing, that is just plain scary.
8.  To have a chalkboard/white board moment. and of course squeaky sneakers moment!
7.  Now I can hear the phone ring, and answer it just to say I am deaf and don't talk on the phone. At least I hear the ringing!
6.  CIs allow me to do the one thing I love more than anything - Teach. I enjoy the interaction with my students and that I can enjoy it without the stress placed on hearing. 
5.  Being able to follow a conversation without asking others to repeat themselves. Also being able to contribute to the conversation without repeating other comments by people. 
4. The ability to enjoy my daughter's dance class. To hear the music play and how the dance goes in rhythm to the music.
3. To hear the sirens before I see the lights. 
2. To enjoy a nice evening with my husband without him having to repeat himself. 
1.  So I can hear my daughter say, "Mommy, Let me tell you something." for the million and one time in a day!  I never get tired of hearing her voice!

One reason I am so thankful to take off my Cochlear Implants at night.
1. So I don't have to hear my husband snore!!!!!!


MBB said...

Great post! It made me giggle when you're glad to be DEAF when your hubby snores.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Val!!! Adorable, Jodi

Anonymous said...

#9 - Don'tcha mean "Everybody Wants to Rule The World"? Nice to know there's another Tears For Fears fan!

Abbie said...

10. I have to have something to stick to the magnets, or else I stick to the metal doors at school.

I admit, I hang my CI on the filing cabinet at work while i'm changing my battery. I was thinking of installing a magnet in the bathroom to hang it when i am washing my face! :)

All the others are priceless moments :)

Cyborg Queen said...

LOL! Very funny! I especially love the "Can't hear husband snore" bit.

Rachel said...

Hi Valerie. This is Rachel, a 20 year old cochlear implant user and the owner of Cochlear Implant Online. I just discovered your blog today. Great top ten reasons! I can definitely relate to all of them! Like you, I can't imagine a life without sounds.

LauraEurope said...

hi, i'm curious, if you dont mind me asking.. what's your DB without hearing aids/CI on?