Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dear DeafRead Editors:

Dear DeafRead Human Editors, JJ, Elizabeth, Amy, Carrie, Jared, and Tayler,

I am in discord. I'm frustrated and disappointed with this turn of events. As a deaf person, you have violated my trust and my respect. JJ left a comment on Ben's blog. I have not heard anything from any other of the Human Editors. Here is my comment from Ben's site:

"What is interesting is most of us CI bloggers don’t agree either. We have different opinions on CI, AVT, ASL and all, but we seem to be united in our support for Rachel.
At least you have this inside view from your friendship. That is great! I don’t have that. I have to go by what is posted.
Is this a plot to remove CI blogs from DeafRead? Since DeafSide has not happen. I don’t know. All I know is that it validates how my family and I were treated 37 years ago when my mom reached out to the Deaf Community and was turned away. Same views different times."

I am asking each of you your answer to my comment. Thank you, Valerie

Civilization is a method of living and an attitude of equal respect for all people
Jane Addams, first woman Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1931


OCDAC said...

Deafread is not safe for people like you. Theres another aggregator that are very safe and very welcoming to people like you.


Anonymous said...

ChrisH said…

Rachel agreed that the cochlear implant wording of the advertisement is necessarily offensive and it is changed. She is trying to hide her identity Deaf.

Rachel called for helping because she threw her the Deafread. She is accusing deafread of discriminating cochlear implant. She never proved to the world she is still deaf without cochlear implant.

I am sorry that I am not interested into becoming involved with CI deaf politics. I don’t blame on Rachel.

SweetMind said...

OH PLEASE , give me a break after all I was destroyed by Audism and CIers' nasty rude/ bigotry attitudes for ten years and plus CIer refused to have my respectful truthful comments after all they lied a lot about me then prevent me to say anything that is nothing new since I was a little gal. They are trying to make people believe how horrible beast lady I am.. Scoffs! I m very far from it.

So therefore I have no respect for some CIers with a stinky nasty attitude so they did it to themselves and don't have any respect for any Deaf ASLAN people from day one that we born. Scoffs!

Mike Mc Connell, Jodie, Karen Mayes, Paula from hearing exchange and their own cult followers who OPPRESSED Me very badly that I already showed the evidences as far as I can you don't give a hoot about it. They lied about me as well as they get away with it that is just like the rest of their cult followers who doesn't have any great self esteem in themselves as well,That is who destroy deafnotes, deafchat, Deaf business, and the Deaf Leaders/Advocators/Deaf supporters.

NOTHING IS GOOD ABOUT BEING DEAF or having Deaf ASLAN people on this earth that hasn't stopped it yet. That is what I am seeing it all my freaking life that you think I am happy with it.. HELL NO , I'll stand up for what I strongly believe and fight for my and Deaf's freaking rights.. Guess what, I got fired from job twice and walked out two jobs twice, and few jobs I quit as I fed up.. I am not ashamed because I knew I didnt do anything wrong in many ways. I could have become a RICH lady after I have too many violation laws by these people who doesnt have any respect for a Deaf person who could not hear the spoken language if you MIND.. Dont give me that crapola about CI device, it can help Deaf babies/children to hear. That s all full of crappola stories about miracle and cure from a start.

So are you telling me I am freaking Deaf lazy person.. IF so then up yours.

Yeah, try to wipe me and my comments out that is your easy way out to disrespect my freedom of speech with respect as usual. Scoffs!

CI is full of hoax and destroy our Deaf community s image on purpose as I can see it already that is not a big lie.. I already have those evidences . That's why I don't believe every word you have said. All they do is LIES LIES LIES LIES that will not change my mind because I knew the honest truth with me all along. Go kiss Cloggy, Rick48 aka CI pop, Boult as Ed Cantrell, Alex Chu's bun who loves to destroy me as a Deaf person with HA experiences that I told the truth. I can speak and now refused to speak anymore because it causes me more problem with those AUDISM people who mislead and lied about me, my Deaf ears, and my own deaf voices that is not helpful for 65 percent of born deaf as is. I am able to hear but now I choose not to hear anymore because NO ONE ACCEPT ME as A Deaf Person so therefore it s too much lies about hearing devices for Deaf babies/children that I had been wearing it all my life that destroys me a completely whole person by YOUR OWN STINKY HUMAN CRUEL TREATMENT. Thats what it makes me anger to see the same old freaking nasty/cruel/oppression/discrimination/second class citizen/bigotry attitudes.

I strongly FEEL THAT AUDISM must out of Deaf community first. No more destroy our natural abilities and adaption of being deaf as is.

QUIT whiner as I m seeing a lot lately that turns me off.. NOthing is successful for us to work together as well as I can see AGB organization and CI company wants this way and laugh at us because you are a big sucker and kiss their buns for their riches to make money and for yourself only. It is not a lifetime that makes you happy while you are the co dependency with those stupid junk devices.

Deaf people trapped into a black hole as always as I don't see any improvement to respect any kind of Deaf people who born deaf as is. That is the biggest oppression and discrimination toward us for so many years.

NO ADA helps us all along since 1980 that hasn't been changed much at all.

Take a chill pill , will you please?

It doesn't matter anymore if I m or am not a nice or person that i m still getting the same inhuman cruel treatment from you Deafism/CIers/Audism 's attitudes. PERIOD! I m different from many of you that I have always know that all my life.

SCOFFS! NESMUTH aka RICHARD ROHEM and TOM WILLARD, CIERS and CI Radicals with a big time of being so negative AUDISM . Time for you to grow up. Face the Deaf reality!

I RESPECT Deaf babies/children 's rightful to have ASL and must do something about the damage of the whole Deaf babies and children s boundary that needs to be stopped since it s their own against Deaf babies/children s will. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO conform/force them into a hearing children that is not gonna to be respectful at all for the rest of their life.

I am seeing People with their own audist attitudes are screwing up their heads as usual. Thats why I am here to say something very bluntly because It s outrageous and nonsense. Also, people refused to accept the truth that is what I will not accept their severe mental illness, AUDISM thinks they can control us. NO way jose for me to deal with this anymore. SO BE IT!.

DENIAL is the issue that you are having in your own Deaf inner soul all along.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

a lot of pain and anger among some Deaf people in the community is understandable. ChrisH and Sweetmind (seecomments above) clearly show their truefeelings of bitterness, anger, frustration, and most of all oppression by the hearing society.

Their reactions and strong opinions are warranted, but I am so sorry that the CI Deaf community has to take the blow from some of our kind.

You CI people including my son are paying the price for decades of oppression among my people. I am so sorry. But keep your chins up high and weather the storm.

Warranted, Rachel's attitude is a bit standoffish. She has that aua that she is "better than us the non-speaking Deaf". So what! There are a whole bunch of ASL Deaf in my comunity who are such snobs, narrowminded, mean, and definitely think they are better than the oralists.

Tayler and the DeafRead gang has wronged both sub communities within th greater d/Deaf community.

Tayler has made history by practicing soft bigotry despite his denials.

Keep your chins up and don't give up on us as there are many wonderul culturally Deaf people who embrace you!

anna s

Anonymous said...

Move to

How's that? Would that make you feel better?

Anonymous said...


Anna S,There are whole bunches of CI Deaf in your community who are such snobs, narrow-minded, mean, and definitely think they are better than ASL user.

You fail to teach your son how to use your voice because you are still Deaf and still ASL. I am sorry for your son didn't choose CI when he is too young. I thanked to Matt Hamill is very skill at playing in mixed martial arts game when he doesn’t need to wear a helmet.

This has nothing to do with ASL and Deaf community. you chose to hurt Deaf community.

Valerie said...

To all,
Have I ever expressed myself to be "better than everyone else?" I am not for CI, D/d politics. I am embracing my deafness. These comments cause great pain.

Valerie said...

Do you have this comment on cut and paste? I have seen this before and before. I am living my life, you need to either come up with something new or you get a life.

Kim said...

I am feeling so much pain from this as well. I don't see this as a CI against Deaf thing as much as "deaf" are unequal, disrespected, and not at all valued here. I'm right there with you. I had hoped the DeafRead editors would speak up. Their silence hurts more than Tayler's action.

Kim said...

Also-- I'm shocked by some of the mean-spirited comments you've received. I guess now that Rachel is out of the picture, it's open season on the other CI bloggers.

Abbie said...


You tend to lose your point when you ramble on the way you do. By the time I read the third line of your comment I forget what you said.

This has nothing to do with deaf babies or ASL or the ADA law or cochlear implants! This is about Tayler and his asinine and hidden policies on Deafread.

Now my dear Valerie,

This is the way that it is done in the real world. People agree to disagree based on opinions but most of the time they don't change their opinion of the person that they are. There is some people in my family I don't care for but if they needed I'm there because i'm family. Same way here!

Li-Li's Mom said...

Sweetmind, I've seen your tired, meandering and generally incomprehensible rant against audism pasted elsewhere on deafread, alldeaf, in completely different contexts, as well. So to use your own words, apparently you ARE 'a freaking Deaf lazy person' who can't do more than cut and paste.

I've read again and again how bitter so many deaf people are that their hearing parents didn't integrate them into the Deaf community, don't use ASL at home, or that some scary amorphous monster named agbad infiltrated their schools or their parent's minds and stopped them from signing. They learned well: Deafread has now become the big bad monster slamming the door on hearing parents and their deaf children who might otherwise be exposed to ASL, to deaf culture, to other deaf people.

Valerie, I agree with your post completely! I don't agree with its hard-line AVT philosophy, but Rachel's site is a valuable resource and a great place to engage in the debate and learn from one another. And banning Rachel's site is deafread's loss: every day it reaches many, many parents of newly diagnosed deaf children who may now not come in contact with some of the amazing deaf b/vloggers.

I'm so eager to see how the editors respond to your question -- I just don't want to believe that they would sit by and watch Deafread close a door to a great big room filled with new parents considering CIs or those considering educational options, and limiting the opportunity to reach those people with the possibilities afforded by learning ASL.

bill said...

*Laughing* Sweetmind, we all have NO clue about what you are ranting. Only unhappy, insecure, paranoid people rant that way :o(

Val, I understand your point of view. I am on my vacation, in St. Louis, I see the uproar over DeafRead's immature removal of Rachel's blog. We all learned SO much from her and I for one appreciate it. I only hope that the human editors, especially Taylor, realize that Rachel represents the future of deaf people and I know it is scary for the deaf culture, but let's face the fact...we need to embrace ALL kinds of people... respect or not. They all contribute to the society one way or another.

Anne Marie said...


Be rest assured you like many others do not carry that standoffish aura. Not at no longer have to question that.

I don't know if you agree, I am more speculating at the problem of backing by corporate seeking for profit. It is not CI v.s. ASL although our raw nerves are backfiring all over with pains from years and years of oppression for years and years.

I remain resilient, my door still open only to anyone who simply show respect.

MM said...

I'm profoundly deaf and so is my partner, I find it appalling there are some at who declare "CI'ers are paying for the oppresion of deaf people", why are they paying ? and who, is charging THEM with the oppresion ?

The biggest loser is us as deaf people, now Identified as Unable or unwilling to accept the diversity in others we demand for themselves. We've become hypocrits, and for some very sad people, this is a virtue ?

And they wonder why the deaf world is small and deaf people isolated,they aren't exactly going out to break down barriers are they ? but setting up even bigger ones.

Spare a thought, those who want to dissapear into the brickwork, the rest of us don't.

Anne Marie said...

I am wondering why some people seem cannot grasp this point, it is too easy for dominant language to overtake language of minority culture. ASL language has yet to stabilize with economic and status power. Curriculum, standard, and resources for ASL in K-1 to K-12 (except ASL for foreign language requirement) are still yet to materialize enough to be more sustainable.

This has least to do with embracing cultural diversity and amount of hearing - silence among us all.

Anonymous said...

It is the truth that there are some very angry and bitter Deaf who have had bad experiences with their delayed language acquisition and subsequent poor educations, along with no or erratic employment.

They are envious and jealous of those d/Deaf who have had better opportunities for language, education, and jobs.

Yet some of these Deaf individuals point the finger of blame on those they are jealous of, people they don't even know well, to pull down to their level. They have a lot of pain themselves and so lash out in anger and frustration.

It saddens me that these individuals don't realize that by welcoming diversity in the d/Deaf community, we can ALL help to pull others up to a better level thru advocacy for all d/Deaf.

Val, I've read your blog many times but not commented much as my deaf experience is different from yours. I agree with you, there have been times I don't agree with Rachel, but her blog is a stimulating resource of information and debate.

The other editors' silence is deafening all right. Only JJ Puorro has said anything. I, too, will be interested to read what they have to say, if any of them break their silence, that is.


J.J. said...


I have already posted on Ben's blogsite saying that I was not going to respond anymore on this issue anywhere in the v/blogsphere...but am making an exception here again...

The reason is that I am only one person and I cannot personally comment on every blog. Also, the DeafRead Official Blog already outlines the reasons and I think that any questions should be directed to that blogsite to keep everything in one place. Otherwise, just E-mail me and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.


Anonymous said...

To some commenters/readers...

Valerie doesn't have this "better than you" attitude at all. I don't remember seeing that sign of her on any of her posts and in our emails.

We email each other once in a while and she asked me about what's the best way to learn ASL...what it's like being deaf growing up...things like that. I can see she's always eager to join the deaf community, even the "D" ones.

Valerie knows I can't even talk at all, only my family members can understand me and she still want to be my friend.

Yet too often I see people like her facing road blocks which there's actually no constructions ahead.

Kim said...

Anne--I understand the pain as I'm sure you do too. The problem as I see it is whenever someone like Sweetmind blows up at a deaf blogger, everyone makes excuses for her, because she's had a haaaard life being Deaf. We're supposed to be so understanding. Yet-- at the same time we're supposed accept that being Deaf is a wonderful thing! Sweet mind sure exemplifies how happy she is! Riiiggght. These same people who make excuses for Sweetmind never stop to think what it's like for the rest of us who also can't hear.

It's time for her to stop feeling sorry for herself. She needs to move on like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about this whole thing that both sides need to stop putting each other down. I dont put CI users down but I dont appreciate some of them putting ASL and non-oral Deaf down and Rachel's mother exhibited that attitude through some of her comments. I really feel it just alienated a lot of people here just as you are feeling alienated by Deafread. Maybe it is time to think twice about what we say about CIs, ASL, and those deaf who dont have oral skills?

Candy said...

I'm with you. It's as if all the human editor's hands are tied for some reason.

Anonymous said...

ChrisH said....


I think Sweetmind is senior. I hope she will embrace CI Deaf children. I have nothing against CI Deaf.

Abbie said...

Lane, that was a super beautiful comment!


I'm hoping you subscribed to these post. Besides Rachel with her position on AVT and not using ASL which can misinterpreted as a slap in the face to some, I want to know who else that has a CI that has put you down? You can remain anonymous but I want to hear some names.

The only reason I ask is because the small minority of CI users on deafread either use ASL or want to learn including Val and myself but people don't see that or stop by our blog and ask that question. Just because we want to hear doesn't mean we are against people who can't.

If more people would take the time and get to know one another, like Lane and Val have, you might be very surprised at what you see from us. You are going to get some people that are completely ignorant from time to time, this is life but those who chose to be ignorant shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Kim, I understand what you're saying. As I've said elsewhere yesterday, many of us have had many hurts. There are some individuals who continue to blame others or some entity for their pain, like grudges. Others, like me, have learned to let go of the pain and move on with our lives, because life's too damned short to go 'round blaming others for all the problems in our lives.

I'm not making excuses for Sweetmind and others, but it is a fact that there are some who nurse their pain well beyond what is normal, it turns into a lifetime attitude of rancor instead. They focus constantly on their problems with tunnel vision and don't realize it is their attitude that colors their outlook on life and how others respond to them.

It saddens me because it's such a waste of energy and potential. Like spinning wheels in a rut.


Valerie said...


Thank you so much for that comment. It put tears in my eyes. I look forward to our e-mails. I feel I can ask you anything and you never laugh at my silly questions. I cherish our friendship.

A real friendship never needs words.


Valerie said...

I am just getting home from a day out with my daughter. Hair cut and eyebrows done - the whole thing.

I am surprised at the amount of people who stopped by. I look forward to the comments and how much heart is put into them. Where I agree or disagree, we all have a right to be heard. I understand others lifetime of growing up deaf and hardships they felt. I also spent a lifetime growing up deaf and have hardships too. Instead of viewing my hardships as the only way, I want to learn, embrace, and grow.

My hurt has been over that fact that one of our community has been banned. I have said it before, I wrote it, I don't agree with everything ANYONE said, but I don't agree with her being banned. This letter to DeafRead Editors is to ask them to show up. Maybe even provide a state for unity.

I am looking for my place within the d/Deaf Community. I want lifetime friends and a place to be accepted. Instead of editors I have people who care deeply for their views. I respect anyone who has the passion and fire I have. The only thing I ask is to respect each other and accept each other.

I love Lane's comment: Yet too often I see people like her facing road blocks which there's actually no constructions ahead.

Let's keep open debate and build unity, not for me, I'm older than dirt, but for the HOH/deaf/Deaf children. They deserve a community that is accepting and loving.

Anonymous said...

I hope many of you dont forget that the majority of the Deaf people in the Deaf community do not participate in DR and arent responsible for this. If people use this situation to label the Deaf community as discriminatory against CI users, they will be just as wrong as those few Deaf who do. Pls do not forget that. I am a Deaf ASL user who doesnt have a CI and is very much part of the Deaf community and I have no clue to what really happened here.

Paula Rosenthal said...

Valerie, people like SweetMind come with the blogging territory. We all know we can't please all of the people all of the time. It seems she has had an unfortunate past and like someone else here said, can't seem to get past it. In a way, I feel sorry for her, but I don't think blogs like ours are the place for her to rant and rage. Her anger is misplaced as we are not the ones who caused her wrongs. I stopped reading her comment after the first sentence.

That being said, I have a completely different take than most on this Tayler/DR fiasco. His banning of Rachel's site was completely wrong, both in how he accomplished it and what his so called reasons were. Where I seem to differ from you and many other bloggers is that I don't think he or DR are worth the time, energy and publicity everyone is giving him/it. He has proven time and again that he is not unbiased, nor is he rational or loyal to the many bloggers who keep his site hopping. He's loyal to Sprint or at the very least, uses Sprint as an excuse to boot a terrific cochlear implant blog. He spends his time and efforts on creating ways to appease the culturally deaf community by his Deaf Extra, deafhood, ignore buttons and DeafSide issues. What has he ever done for oral or CI blogs? It is time for bloggers to wake up and realize there was a blogging life before DeafRead and there will be a blogging life and an audience after DeafRead should bloggers choose to leave the aggregator.

Keep up your wonderful blog and focus more on the great things you can offer the deaf and hoh community and parents and less on Tayler and DR.

Seek Geo said...

Hi sweetmind,

I had a problem finishing your comment is because all I see is very angry comment.

People coming to my blog screaming only because they disagree with me, do you really think I am gonna sit and listen? No way, I always welcome everyone's point of view whether we agree or disagree and it's always good to learn, some people actually change only if others offer their own point of view in a positive way. So you came in here screaming won't do you any good, believe me.

I used to be like this and I regret every minute of it but glad I have changed for the better.

Hi Valerie,

Don't worry about some lame comments out there, you are a great person and so is many of others whether if they are deaf, CI, oral, etc. I always accept everyone regardless of their difference as long as we all respect each other. I gotta shout out to Lane, great comment!!

I understand that Rachel decided not to learn ASL which is unfortunate because I'd love to teach her and have her part of this wonderful community.


mishkazena said...


I don't know what else I can say since Tayler and JJ pretty much said it all. One thing I want to say is that it makes me sad to see that many people think the issue is about the rejection of a blogger due to being a cochlear implantee when it's not the case. I hope people do know that I have no issues with cochlear implants in general and am sincerely happy that some people love their C.I.s.

You have a respectful attitude to Culturally Deaf people who use ASL.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above,

No, I don't believe there are many of us out there blaming the ban of Rachel's blog on the entire Deaf community, that's not the case really.

It is DR's editorship's arbitrary cherry-picking of so-called, ambiguous guidelines as the furor goes and no due process (prior notification before pulling the feed plug) that are disturbing some bloggers on DR. The fact that Rachel's blog, which is a CI blog, was banned raises several red flags about DR editorship's biases. DR has a supposedly open and inclusive policy, but doesn't practice what they preach very well.

This doesn't have anything to do with the Deaf community-at-large itself and many of us who are deaf but are not in the Deaf culture know that there are some in the Deaf culture who accept CIer's, HOH, oral deaf because they are their friends, relatives , co-workers, etc. as well. There are some in the Deaf culture who practice what they preach better than DR.

I hope you understand, I've never put ASL or Deaf culture down even though I'm oral deaf and speak. Heavens, I know all too well what it's like getting put-down by hearing people myself, even though I'm oral deaf. I'd never want to put another deaf person in HIS place, just because he prefers to sign and be part of Deaf culture. I accept that ASL and Deaf culture is a part of that Deaf person's life and I'm not one to try and convert him to be something that wouldn't be comfortable for him. By the same token, I'd like to be respected for my choices in life as well.


Jean Boutcher said...


Glad to find you here. I lost you
after reading your comment wherein you said that there was a
blogger named something like Tom who was banned from DeafRead. Would you remember the title of his blog or even his blog URL? I would like to find out why he was

Anonymous said...

Jean Boutcher,

Hi! I'm surprised you're interested at all about Tom Willard's blog, Tom's Deaf Advocacy.

The URL is

I've tried to find out why DR banned his blog, but not much info forthcoming. He is a journalist but maintains this personal blog, the one he had on DR before the ban.

Perhaps you can find more info than I have. I don't know if Tom has an email thru which to contact him.

BTW, your paintings are great. I had a lot of family matters to attend to at the time you posted some pictures of your work and I just didn't have the time to respond then. I know that was a long time ago. Catch-up can be difficult sometimes.

Let me know if you have any probs finding Tom's blog. Good luck sleuthing. :)



OCDAC said...

My latest vlog pretty much sums it up whats going on.

peanut butter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Valerie!

Finally, at last! It's me, White Ghost. I think it's my first time posting your blog. I *must* have got to know you better. :-)

I'm with you.

I am SO excited about having our famous, sense of humor, cutie pie to get the new aggregator.

What a shame that DR have made a huge, serious mistake.....that turns me off.

Take a visit:

White Ghost

Valerie said...

Done - I sent my e-mail to be removed from DeafRead. I appreciate JJ and Elizabeth stopping by and leaving comments. It means a lot to me.

Remember I am not out to change the world, I just want to learn more about deafness, CIs and life. Along the way I made some awesome friends.

Geo, It means so much for you to stop by and leave a comment. Abbie sings your praises! Keep that gal in line!!!!

White Ghost, I look forward to the silly stuff we can come up with.

Anonymous said...


Good bye to you.

Anonymous said...

I still have a lot of respect of Tayler. He knows what he's talking about. There are many readers out there don't agree or agree. :-)

David said...

Two things stuck out for this newbie to the deaf and ci world: 10 Sweetmind lost me about 15 paragraphs into their rambling, non nonsensical argument that was so much not an arugument, but more of a cut and paste of many ramblings I have seen in other comments.
2) Lane makes such a class statement of fact and speaks volumes for Valarie's point.
Valarie: thank you for being a class act in this issue.

Anonymous said...


40 comments and counting!

Glad you and few others appreciated my comment.

Hope DeafRead site gets itself corrected soon.

Karen Mayes said...

Hi, I am back from St. Louis and catching up...

*Shrug* about Sweetmind. She has her own anger which she seems to have a problem with letting go, but sometimes it serves a purpose for some people to go through their lives. If I am the subject of her anger, then I am glad that I somehow help her to live through her life, especially since she knows nothing about my life.

Val, that was a beautiful posting.

It is a bit disturbing to see some bickering and the struggle of power over DeafRead, especially by commenters (DeafRead needs commenters to make it exist... not only v/bloggers.) DeafRead has become more exclusive lately and I am hoping that DeafRead's human editors would step up to the plate to bring back the inclusivity (Deaf covers all spectrum of deaf people... even non-ASL CLers.)

Well, we will find out soon enough.

SweetMind said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Valerie said...

Sweetmind - your not getting an audience from me. Why don't you submit your blog to DeafRead. I hear they need your type of message. Ask for Tayler directly.

SweetMind said...

NO thank you! ONe of few reasons are CRUEL HUMAN TREATMENT that I am getting for more than ten years from those same people who wants to get rid of me badly. I aint going anywhere because no one can stops me from who I am and want to say my own freedom of speech with respect if you care enough to understand what it means.

two of few reasons are I DON'T KNOW HOW. PERIOD! I dont bother to try because of YOUR ATTITUDE that I dont want to be here anymore.. PERIOD! IT s very hurtful for me and many Deaf parents with CODA if you care enough to think twice before you are saying this to me with those degradation and my hardwork effort to improve my writings.

Third of few reasons. I don't like my own blogs because I cannot understand computer language if you care enough to know better than putting me down.. Scoffs!

I WORKED HARD to make it very positive reinforcement to educate many people that had been destroyed all along. That is our Deaf truth experiences and evidences in DeafNotes by those prejudicial attitudes in the past years. They lied for AUDISM s cruel human being that is severe mental illness. Now it's nothing new here and other nasty sites that they don't have any respect for Deaf ASLAN people or Deaf/CODA from many Deaf parents. So therefore you don't have any respect in yourself that is so sad.

I am going back to DeafNotes where my second home is that gives me more empowerment for those Deaf children s the rightful of having their natural abilities and adaptation from day one.

It s much safer to be in DeafNotes now because of restriction rules that I feel more relieved.. I truly regretted to be here with you guys but in other hands I am very grateful to show the true colors evidences that is very degradation behaviors going on here. :)

UP YOURS MEDICAL AND COCHLEAR IMPLANT COMPANY since this is not for Deaf babies who born deaf and Deaf babies with multi-handicaps. MIND YOU!


Valerie said...


I don't know what I have done to hurt you. You seem to have picked on my blog for some reason.

I am not the cause of your pain. My choice of cochlear implants is mine and my families. I am an adult.

I will not take your hurtful comments. You don't know me, you don't know what my life has been or is. I do choose not to stay in a box, but live.

I suggest you take your blog to DeafRead or DeafNote. I deleted your message with your address. If you want others to read your stuff, post it where like minds can read it. I don't agree with your point of view. The way DeafRead is going, you will be more than welcome there. I am no longer on DeafRead.

If you ever feel the need to open your heart and chat with me, your more than welcome. You need to open yourself up. I did and found some fantastic people. You never know you might find wonderful people.


Anonymous said...


I try to see what you are trying to say...and are you sure the Deaf community appreciates what you are saying here? You are painting all the D/CI/ASL-CI communities the wrong way.

I'm pretty sure there are some people who will side with you and if that's DeafNote, great...go there.

Like you I disagree with some blogs couple of times but comment-trashings at them isn't my answer.

Seek Geo said...

Hi Sweetmind,

Honestly, I am having a hard time trying to understand why you call yourself "sweetmind" because you certainly do not have a sweet mind right now. I'm not sure what is your real issue but taking out on others for what? That makes you feel better? I can tell that you do not like being treated differently but yet you treat others differently and also you don't like being oppressed but yet it seems like you oppress others.

Who cares if anyone decides to learn oral, get CI, etc, that is their personal choice as much as it is your personal choice however you want to do with your life. If you want people to respect yours then you might as well respect theirs, it is not one way street. Sure, I'm no fan of implanting babies but if it is done then nothing we can do except to wish them the best and they still have my respect regardless.

Believe it or not, the way you talked just remind me a lot of myself back then. I had very difficult life being deaf as a child, no question about it but I am not gonna struggle over this for rest of my life like I did for many years so I changed for the better once I moved on. I sure am glad I did because I met a lot of wonderful different people on here like Valerie, Abbie, Alex, Becky, Kim, a couple of Pattys and more. If I have that attitude like yours, no way I would be meeting a lot of them, that's for sure especially Jes, the love of my life who is hearing. He is just like me who accept everyone regardless of their difference.

That makes this world even more interesting with different kind of people. The more great people like us, the better it will be.

One thing to keep in mind, Abbie quoted, "We all sleep in silence." So, no matter what we do in days, we all are deaf at nights.


Valerie said...

Sweetmind REMOVE MY BLOG FROM YOUR BLOG SITE. I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO YOU. Remove it at once or I will contact wordpress and let them know you took my post off of blogspot.

Valerie said...

I have contacted wordpress. Remove my blog from yours.

Karen Mayes said...

Oh boy.

I am sorry to see this to turn ugly, by one commenter. Hope it will work out just fine at the end. My mouth dropped as I read since I really have no idea what is going on... but it is sad to see one commenter feeling very threatened when there is no need to feel threatened.

Hope she'd find in her heart a closure to her past and be able to move on.

Paula Rosenthal said...

Boy, was I shocked to get a google alert for my name when SweetMind copied the whole blog post and comments on hers! It is so funny that she is saying we are oppressing her and committing bigotry when it is the reverse. Anyone who spouts the rhetoric that deaf babies shouldn't get a cochlear implant and should learn ASL is being oppressive themselves.

Parents have the right to make up their own minds about communication modes and cochlear implant surgery. Until everyone realizes that, there will be no bridge or unity amongst the various factions of the deaf/Deaf/hard of hearing communities. Simply put, folks need to live and let live, respect one another and their choices. Only then will there be peace. (The same can be true of government leaders around the world.)

Valerie said...

I am closing this post to comments. I won't allow this to be her forum. Thank you all for your positive coments.


Dyniece said...

Fntastic post, and so many other fantastic comments. Don't pay Sweetmind any mind - I've watched her spew the same rant over and over for the last 13-odd years. Her anger and hatred go so deep they blind her to everything else. We can only hope that one day she sees the light.

Hope to see you over on Deaf Village!

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