Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Attack of A1

What a week!!!! It has been one of those weeks that I want to take off my cochlear implants and sleep the days away!
I am recovering from the giant A1 steak sauce bottle. It jumped out of the refrigerator and landed right on the top of my left foot. Not the land on the side, no full force on the top of my foot. Needless to say I had x-rays today and loads of pain pills. I find out tomorrow if I broke anything. On the pain scale it is about a 5, CI surgery was a big ole 10. It did keep me out to the YMCA today.
Guess what, that A1 bottle did not even break.....Abbie, are you sending your omen to me! I need Good Karma...Good Karma......
I did have a great CI moment, That bottle landed with a BAM....After a bunch of &^%) and #@!& and of course the &^%$, I stopped and said wow I heard that.
So people send your good karma to me, I need it - up next moving to a new home and taking Jenna to the mountains, hope Smokey the Bear is sleeping..


Abbie said...





Oh dude, that was a funny CI moment but I am so sorry that you might have broken your foot because of that bleeping bleep AI bottle! Text me as soon as you get results babe :) Keep your foot propped up and iced!

Bionic womans orders!

Val said...

Oh and A1 is my favorite...but oh it's HEAVY glass...sorry, hope it's not broken.

Anonymous said...

It would have been less pain came the Aunt Jemima bottle..... but a glass full of A1 sauce, ouch!

I haven't had A1 sauce for anything at home for long time, I rarely cook steak here (or burgers too) but now I'm in mood for them after looking at that picture you included in this post. A picture do speak thousand of words.

Hope your x-ray will turn out to be negative today.

David said...

by the way your comment today helped me out much. It is almost like just chilling about things brought my level back up.
For that, I so thank you!

Valerie said...

Yup it is broken...just wait until I tell you what happen today....turn in tomorrow.