Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cochlear Implants and Ear Infections

Well what a last few weeks! I have been battling double ear infections. After two rounds of meds, a shot and decongrestion, my doctor has announced the ear infections are gone!!!!

This is the latest round of ear infections for me. Since bilateral cochlear implant surgery July 9, 2008, I have had at least 5 ear infections. I don't remember ever having as many ear infections before. So I am wondering if ear infections are common side effects of having cochlear implants? What are the reasons behind ear infections in relations to not having usable hearing in the ears. Why have I had an inability to feel the increase in fluid and pain? And finally what can I do to keep from this infection occurring. Now that I have formed my questions, I need to start googling.

If any of you know any information, please pass it on. I learn so much from all of you.


Laurie said...


I was very interested in this post of yours. . . I had a sinus infection/cold in October and got two shots as well. Now I am having vertigo and dizziness. . . I have pressure in my ears, too, but nothing hurts. . . no pain. Hmmmmm.....going to see my ENT this week.

Have a great Thanksgiving and hope you feel better and stay healthy!

Hugs, Laurie

Karen Putz said...

Glad you're feeling better. Ear infections, especially double ones, are no fun!

CC said...

That sounds pretty awful. :( Never heard of a connection before, but it does make some sense!