Sunday, October 26, 2008

How do you feel about being deaf?

How do you feel about being deaf?

I read that question just this week, of course it made my mind turn and think. The only answer I could come up with is this, while I accept my deafness, it doesn't mean I like it. It does not mean I haven't tried all available technology, so I can have access to sound. It doesn't define me. It just is.

So how do you feel about being deaf? Do you accept it, dislike it, neutral, or love it?


Deborah said...

My feelings about being deaf go all over the place. Sometimes I absolutely hate it, especially when I'm left out. Once in awhiles, I will feel really sorry for myself and have to pull myself together. MOST times, I just accept it. A few times, I'm proud of myself and what I've overcome--making me strong and unique. All depends on the situations I find myself in. One thing I know is that I'm really scared to *think* about a cochlear implant. I'm too deaf even for hearing aids. Ah well. Overall, I can say, life is good and I'm a generally happy person.

Laura's medical journey said...

i love being deaf, sure there's been ups and downs but I feel Its a part of me and has made me how i am. It defines you as a person but I am not just a deaf girl with a cochlear implant! I am Laura 1st and deaf 2nd!I Ive accepted that im gona be deaf all my life without the CI on but the CI is an amazing ivention on which u have the best of both worlds. :) and what deb says "life is good and happy!" :)

MM said...

It's a no-brainer for me, I'd love to hear again. I volunteered for CI's, genetic experiments and research into deafness eradication here in the UK. They told me a CI wasn't viable, genetics they said they wanted born deaf not me ! (It's them they want to cure), and I am constantly attacked for wanting to hear again, because the 'Deaf' are convinced I have it in for them ! Ho-Hum ..... I'd have less trouble in a wheelchair or blind... they aren't so picky :)

Charlotte said...

I love it. I love the access into things that hearing people don't enjoy. I love being able to have a nice quiet morning.. and putting in my hearing aid when I want. Its also fun to have the last word in an argument with a hearing person by taking out my hearing aid, or turning it off.

Knowing ASL is also a great tool, for it has become super handy!

I wouldn't trade it in for the world!

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Valerie,

Charlotte brings up some good points! Having the option of experiencing a nice super quiet morning is something us "hearies" don't get to do. Amanda accepts her deafness and is basically a very happy teen, but there are certain things that she really wants to hear. In spite of the twitching, she's really enjoying her CI!


Sam said...

hmmm, I have never really thought about a question like that. For the most part, I am simply ME, but every now and then I get frustrated when I can't follow a conversation or something.

Valerie said...

Thanks to all for your comments. So many of us have different opinions and feels about our deafness. I am like Charlotte and I love my quiet mornings as well, but like Sam, I hate missing parts of conversations. My life is good and happy like Laura and I would volunteer like mm. Also my wonderful Amanda who shows strength in everything. Just not sure of my overall feeling as this is my life, make the best of it.

billcreswell said...


I just read this, after watching sound and fury (and captioning the trailer)

What I find really interesting is the understanding the idea of losing Deaf culture/identity.
There is no such thing as "hearing culture". I'm a computer guy, a Christian, right wing, English speaking, US Citizen, Citizen of the world. There are some many ways to identify myself.

I see missionaries, who move to another culture, and raise kids there, and the kids become more identified with the "foreign" culture, because it's what they are raised with, comfortable with.

I wonder if that relates?

Anonymous said...

I find all the comments quite interesting.

A good question for you is:
If you could take a pill that could make you hear... would you take it?

About five years ago I would have said YES.
Now I would say NO definitely, no!

It's a long story... I was born deaf and grew up in a hearing world. I felt left out at times but I was treated just like any other hearing person. I'd gotten an implant too.
Then when I moved to a city for university, I met some Deaf people - they were so easy and comfortable to be around. They were in the Deaf community, and now I am too. I have a lot of Deaf friends and I'm proud to say I'm Deaf. I'm happier now than ever - I sign more now rather than talking (and yes I do have good speech, it's just a preference). I feel more natural, it's so easy to talk with your friends, you don't miss out anything and all.

I would never take the pill to make me hear. I'm happy to be Deaf. All thanks to my new friends!

Anonymous said...

I pray for the pill to cure the silence in my Anna's world.

Dan Schwartz said...

I despise being deaf.

...And I have nobody but myself to blame for it, either.